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The Hawaiian abbot seal is just one of one of the most imperiled seal types around the world. The populace in general has actually been actually decreasing for over 6 years and current amounts are actually just around one-third of historical populace levels. Essentially, nonetheless, the continuous decrease has actually reduced over the final ten years, thanks in many methods to rehabilitation attempts.

Hawaiian monk tapes are discovered in the Hawaiian archipelago that includes both the main and Northwestern Hawaiian Islands as well as hardly ever at Johnston Atoll which exists almost 1,000 miles southwest of Hawai’i. These monk tapes are actually native to these islands, developing no where else worldwide. Hawaiian abbot tapes are actually shielded under the Endangered Variety Act, the Marine Mammal Protection Act, and Condition of Hawai’i rule.

Rocky, the Famous Hawaiian Abbot Tape

Rocky arrived in 2017 when she had a dog on a busy seaside in Waikiki. She returned to Kauai on July 14, 2018, and on July 16, 2018, she was actually noted along with a brand-new pup.


The populace is estimated to become around 1,400 seals– about 1,100 seals in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands as well as 300 seals in the main Hawaiian Islands.

An extended decline of the Hawaiian priest seal population in the NWHI happened after the late 1950s, lasting till extremely lately. While specific subpopulations minimized or improved during the course of that time, the total lot of tapes in the NWHI dropped. Although this decline implies that a total recovery of the species is a beyond, there have actually been actually some reasonably recent, encouraging progressions, consisting of:.

Apparent recolonization as well as notable growth of the principal Hawaiian Islands monk seal subpopulation because of low numbers to roughly 300 over recent 2 or even more many years. Overall types population growth of 3 percent every year between 2014 and 2016. Promising advances in adolescent tape survival enhancement analysis.

The decline that happened in the NWHI has actually been actually credited to a variety of factors at different regions as well as interval. Reduced juvenile survival, probably related to inadequate prey supply, has been the main driver of the decline during the course of the previous 25 years.

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Newborn monk tape puppies are born dark, while weaned dogs as well as older tapes are actually dark grey to brown on their spine and also light gray to yellow-brown on their stomach.

Monk seals undergo a “devastating molt” about when annually, where they lost the top level of their skin and also coat (identical to elephant tapes). Tapes that spend a number of years at sea foraging can develop algae on their coat. Those that appear eco-friendly haven’t molted just recently and also might be preparing yourself to drop right into a brand new silvery coat.

Most Hawaiian priest seals possess special organic taggings, like marks or even natural bleach scores (white colored spots), on their fur which assist identify them. Personnel accredited by NOAA Fisheries often administer tracking tags to their back flippers. Tracking as well as trailing used in blend with id of special taggings enable lasting surveillance of individuals.

Female as well as male abbot tapes are actually identical in size. The only technique to validate whether a seal is actually male or even female is actually by checking out its stubborn belly.

Actions and Diet plan.

Hawaiian priest tapes are “generalist” feeders, which suggests they consume a wide range of foods depending upon what’s accessible. They consume numerous types of popular fishes, squids, eels, octopuses, and also crustaceans (crabs, shrimps, and also seafoods). Diet plan researches signify that they scour at or even near the seafloor and also prefer target that hide in the sand or even under rocks. They carry out certainly not target a lot of the locally preferred gamefish species including ulua (gigantic trevally), papio (infant ulua), as well as ‘o’io (bonefish).

Hawaiian abbot tapes can store their sigh for as much as twenty moments as well as plunge more than 1,800 feets; nevertheless, they usually plunge an average of 6 mins to midsts of less than 200 feets to forage at the seafloor.

Hawaiian priest seals are actually typically solitary as well as do not stay in colonies like ocean cougars or other tapes. They generally sleep on seasides, often for days at a time.

Monk seals do certainly not shift seasonally, but some seals have actually traveled thousands of miles in the open ocean. Individual tapes usually regular the same seasides over and over, however they do certainly not guard areas.

Where They Reside.

Hawaiian abbot seals are discovered throughout the entire Hawaiian archipelago, a distance of 1,549 miles coming from Kure Atoll in the northwest to Hawai?i Island in the southeast. Most of Hawaiian monk tapes (about 1,100 individuals) live in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, as well as a much smaller populace (concerning 300) lives in the major Hawaiian Islands. There have actually additionally been unusual sightings of Hawaiian monk seals, and also a solitary childbirth, at Johnston Atoll, the closest atoll southwest of the Hawaiian Islands.

Monk seals live in warm, subtropical waters as well as devote two-thirds of their opportunity at sea. They utilize the waters encompassing isles as well as atolls and also regions farther offshore on reefs and submerged banks; they additionally use deepwater coral reefs bedrooms as scouring environment. When ashore, monk seals multiply and also haul-out to rest, give birth, as well as molt on sand, coral reefs, and excitable stone coastlines. They prefer soft sand, protected beach fronts neighbored through superficial waters for pupping.

Lifespan & Recreation.

Monk seals can easily live to over thirty years of age, however handful of online that long.

Monk tapes mate in the water. The youngest documented female to deliver was 4 years old, but commonly women start generating at grow older 5 to 6 in the main Hawaiian Islands as well as grow older 7 to 10 in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

The Hawaiian priest tape is one of the most endangered seal types in the globe. Hawaiian priest seals are found in the Hawaiian archipelago which consists of both the primary and Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and rarely at Johnston Atoll which lies almost 1,000 miles south west of Hawai’i. Priest seals undertake a “disastrous molt” concerning once per year, where they dropped the top layer of their skin layer and hair (identical to elephant seals). Hawaiian abbot tapes are usually solitary and don’t live in nests like sea cougars or various other seals. The a large number of Hawaiian monk seals (about 1,100 individuals) stay in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, as well as a considerably smaller populace (concerning 300) stays in the main Hawaiian Islands.

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